What is the ACHM?

The ACHM has worked to develop an image of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a distinct medical specialty, often requiring full time practice.  

The ACHM has served as a primary educational resource for providers practicing hyperbaric and wound medicine and has established training criteria and certification pathways for clinicians.


We are pleased to offer many HBOT educational opportunities. These courses have been approved by our Education Committee using our ACHM Education Approval Process.

ACHM Members receive a discount on all courses we have endorsed, which all offer CME/CEU credit. A pathway to certification is also available.

Become a Member

Membership to the ACHM is for those in the medical community specializing in wound care or hyperbaric medicine in the United States.  

The ACHM strives to build upon the work of its members to improve the quality, practice, and expand the scope of hyperbaric medicine. We are proud to provide an international support network hyperbaric community.

“Joining a hyperbaric medicine society is not just a professional commitment; it’s a gateway to a community dedicated to advancing knowledge and expertise. In the collaborative space of such societies, practitioners unite, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights. Together, we elevate the standards of care, ensuring that every dive into the depths of hyperbaric medicine is guided by shared wisdom and a commitment to excellence.”