The ACHM Visionary Award

The Visionary Award is presented by the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine to an individual that has distinguished themself by exhibiting dedication and passion to the field of hyperbaric medicine. In 2012 the Visionary Award was posthumously presented to Ken Locklear. Ken was an educator, an innovator, a leader, an entrepreneur and a true visionary in the field of hyperbaric medicine. Thus this Award bears his name.

This year’s recipient of the Visionary Award has also dedicated her life to excellence and has been a visionary force in hyperbaric medicine.

Ms. Allen Creacy is a true a Visionary in the field of hyperbaric medicine and is very deserving of this Award and recognition.

Ms. Creacy is the CEO of Hyperbaric Healing Centers, The Founder and President of the American Association for Hyperbaric Awareness and the Founder and Board Member of the Association of Independent Hyperbaric Centers.

On May 1, 1997, Allen’s husband, Bill collapsed with a major hemorrhagic brain stroke. She was told he could not be saved and was asked to donate his organs, she refused to give up. Bill had surgery, lay in a coma for 6 months and sat strapped to a wheelchair in an alert vegetative state for the next 3 years. Medical professionals gave Bill NO hope for any recovery. She was strongly advised to put him into an institution because “his life was over – too much total neurological devastation”. Allene still refused to give up and began to look for alternative therapies and options. She discovered hyperbaric medicine and Bill was treated with HBOT. While his recovery has not been 100%, now after 20 years Bill and Allene are still together and Bill continues to participate in Life’s daily activities.

Allene has since dedicated her live to providing hyperbaric oxygen to those individuals who otherwise would not be eligible. She has worked tirelessly in both clinical activities as well as and more importantly in Legislative and Regulatory arenas. She has been responsible for getting State of Texas (Medicaid/Medicare Program) to pay for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatments for Stroke patients. She participated in and helped pass the Texas House Bill 1676 for Brain Injury Law, which mandated insurance companies to provide unlimited rehab therapies for brain injured patients. Allene has been invited by the State of California to testify before California Legislature on Brain Injury and was awarded The Person of the Year award in 2003 for her work with stroke patients from American Stroke Association.

For over a decade Allene has participated as a member of the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force and has worked tirelessly with Dept. of Defense, DCOE, Pentagon Officials as well as multiple congressmen and senators advocating for the use of HBOT for soldiers with TBI and PTSD. She was a member of a 5 person steering committee at Samuelli Institute which was commissioned by Dept. of Defense to review all literature and research on the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and to make recommendations for the use of HBOT in TBI/PTSD.

Allene continues her work and advocacy for veterans injured by Traumatic Brain Injury. Because of Allene hundreds of veterans, many of whom were ravaged by PTSD, to the point of attempting suicide, have received HBOT for their TBI injuries with significant and dramatic improvements.

I am proud to present the 2017 Visionary Award to my friend, an individual who I respect and admire, Allene Creacy.

Award Presented by
Jeffrey Niezgoda, MD

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