The ACHM Eric P. Kindwall Award of Excellence in Clinical Hyperbaric Medicine

The American College of Hyperbaric Medicine was founded to support the clinical applications of therapeutic oxygen in the care and treatment of patients which special focus on those patients with nonhealing wounds. The College is proud to collaborate with the American Professional Wound Care Association and to participate as a sister society at this outstanding clinical meeting. I would like to thank the APWCA Leadership and the conference planners for allowing us this opportunity. The ACHM presents yearly awards to select members of the College. I would like to present these awards at this time.

The Eric P. Kindwall Award of Excellence in Clinical Hyperbaric Medicine is given in recognition to those professionals who have demonstrated a career-long commitment to hyperbaric medicine through excellence in education, application of therapy, teaching, research, forward-thinking, and leadership. This year’s recipient has certainly followed in Dr. Kindwall’s footsteps.
Dr. Helen Gelly truly exemplifies the clinical excellence that defines this award and has dedicated her professional life to Hyperbaric Medicine.

Dr. Helen Gelly is a graduate of Emory University School of Medicine. She is board certified in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine. Dr. Gelly is the Chief Executive Officer of HyperbarXs and continues to work clinically as a member of Hyperbaric Physicians of Georgia and she has been involved in hyperbaric medicine and wound care since 1991.

Prior positions have included Medical Directorships at academic and community hyperbaric medicine and wound care programs. She started one of the first non-hospital affiliated hyperbaric medicine centers. She has lectured nationally on hyperbaric medicine and wound healing for many years. Dr. Gelly currently serves as a member of the ACHM Board of Directors and she leads the legislative and advocacy committee for American College of Hyperbaric Medicine.

Dr. Gelly’s tireless efforts to both update the Hyperbaric Community of the changes in reimbursement and to defend hyperbaric reimbursement from the clutches of unscrupulous Medicare MACs has resulted in both significant awareness of important documentation and submission requirements and methods to defend improper denials.

She has represented the hyperbaric community with CMS and intermediaries. She has called to task MAC representatives who have made decisions that are not supported by good scientific evidence.

Dr. Gelly has also been instrumental in the billing and reimbursement seminars offered during society meetings. Without her efforts, the financial outlook of hyperbaric medicine and wound care would certainly have suffered greatly.

In recognition of her significant impact on our specialty and dedication to the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine, Dr. Helen Gelly is very deserving as the 2017 Recipient of the Eric P. Kindwall Award of Excellence in Clinical Hyperbaric Medicine.

As President of the ACHM, I am proud to present this award to my colleague Helen Gelly.

Award Presented by
Jayesh Shah, MD,
ACHM President

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