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Untitled-16This year’s recipient of the Visionary Award has also dedicated his life to excellence and has been a visionary force in hyperbaric medicine. Mr. Ted Gurneé has for 45 plus years accomplished the most diverse set of personal experiences in the hyperbaric industry. Ted is the President and CEO of OxyHeal Health Group. At the helm of Oxyheal, Ted has been an industry pioneer setting new standards in hyperbaric medicine. Oxyheal encompasses international clinical Centers of Excellence in Wound Care and Hyperbaric programs coupled with novel international manufacturing excellence, as well as the OxyHeal University which has provided training for clinicians across the globe. Ted graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a BS in Engineering. Ted is an honor graduate of the Webb Institute of Naval Architecture receiving advanced degrees in Naval Architecture and Maine Engineering. The U.S. Navy felt “if you can build a ship, you can salvage it when it sinks.” Ted was thus trained and assigned to various salvage and diving duties including running the Navy’s Saturation Diving Training program in San Diego. This Naval experience and knowledge coupled with a Strong Entrepreneurial spirit allowed Ted to found multiple businesses including an underwater engineering company, a hyperbaric manufacturing company and his flag ship pride and joy OxyHeal. Ted’s latest vision is OxyHeal Tunneling which provides complex solutions to deep tunneling projects worldwide. Under Ted’s ironclad business suit is a very kind heart and generous individual who has shared his success with a magnitude of individuals and organizations alike. He is a major philanthropic force as well as a visionary in the field of hyperbaric medicine.