Steven Bowers’ Statement

I am honored to accept the position of Chair of the Research Foundation and Committee. I look forward
to serving in this new role. One of my primary goals will be to help develop well needed clinical trials to
continue to expand the role of HBOT. Funding for this research is extremely difficult to find, and the
budget for these trials can be very expensive. I’m hoping to encourage more members of the ACHM to
become involved in the research committee; with additional members, we will be better able to raise
funds and collaborate on ideas for future studies. I personally have an interest in HBOT for the
treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Interstitial Cystitis, Pyoderma Gangrenosum, and
Calciphylaxis and have been actively pursuing funding for clinical trials over the past year, with no
success. All of these conditions already have supporting literature, several with randomized controlled
trials, to support the use of HBOT. The majority of papers written on HBOT end with the all too familiar,
– “more, well designed randomized, controlled, blinded clinical trials are necessary.” Please join me in
an effort to complete this necessary research and broaden the scope of what we can treat, and to
demonstrate to our colleagues the many benefits of HBOT.


Dr. Steven Bowers
Chair of ACHM Research Foundation and Committee

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