Radionecrosis Research Registry Full Study

We are proud to have accomplished this epic study and to bring the project to conclusion.  This is largest study ever published in the field of hyperbaric medicine.  The reported outcome data strongly supports the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in radiation injured patients will serve as strong and irrefutable evidence capable of persuading insurance carriers to reconsider and reverse denial determinations. We believe that the publication of this study will have a significant impact on the lives of patients suffering with the late effects of radionecrosis.   It is the hope of the ACHM that this monumental study will provide the evidence to support the field of hyperbaric medicine well into the future, allowing this therapy to be available to patients across the country. The ACHM would like to thank all of the Facility Medical Directors and individuals who participated and contributed.

Radiation Registry Participant List

We would also like to specifically recognize the generous funding grant from the Eric P. Kindwall, MD, Foundation and acknowledge the efforts of Ken Kneser and Angela Kujath (ACHM) for technical design, operation, and maintenance of the registry; Kathy Nelson, RN, and Dawn Knoll, RN, for clinical research support; Kate Baker and Wesley Tank (WebCME)  for video production, and education and promotional assistance; and Kristen Eckert (Strategic Solutions) for assistance in writing the manuscript.

Click here to download the FULL STUDY

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