President’s End-of-Year Message

Dear Friends,

The end of the year is a good time to reflect upon the accomplishments of the year and also to be thankful for everything we, as an organization, have achieved throughout the year. I am happy to report that the ACHM is strong. Our reputation, our credibility, our member engagement, our sponsor commitment and our financial status is stronger than ever.

We, at ACHM, should not just view what we can accomplish in a year but should look ahead to strengthen and expand the organization for years to come. We thank each one of you who decided to become a member of the ACHM. ACHM’s success this year is the result of hard work of each and every ACHM volunteer board members who selflessly set out to make this organization better.

Here are few things we accomplished this year:
– Doubled the number of paid ACHM members
– Created ACHM Research foundation
– Created ACHM Research committee
– Initiated the publication of 2nd edition of HBO Practice Preferred Protocols
– Collaborated with several societies including APWCA, UHMS, New Cardiovascular Horizons, AAWC, Wound Care Alliance, Texas Podiatry Association, Hyperbaric Society of India and Hyperbaric Society of Mexico
– Created International membership
– Worked on continuing the certifying pathway for practicing hyperbaric physicians

The ACHM fought several advocacy battles by participating in the wound care alliance. ACHM wrote a letter to the ADA for clarifying the data on DFU and HBO. ACHM wrote a letter to the CMS to advocate for separate taxonomy code for hyperbaric medicine.

ACHM Board is considering to hire a professional association manager M3M to manage the ACHM in the upcoming years.

Personally, I wanted to thank Dr. Jeff Niezgoda, the immediate past president of ACHM, and all the board members for providing continuous support and guidance throughout the year. I am also thankful to Vanessa Olson and Kendra Calhoun for their excellent administrative support this year.

Looking forward to a successful and strong 2018 for the ACHM.

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Jayesh Shah,
ACHM President

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