Introducing ACHM’s New President and Board of Directors

Dear Members,

It’s a pleasure to announce and welcome our new President as well as our new Board of Directors for the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine, effective as of January 1, 2017. On behalf of the ACHM, we congratulate all of them.

Since, 1983, the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine has worked to develop an image of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a distinct medical specialty. In this new year, we will continue to support clinicians practicing hyperbaric medicine who recognize the importance of therapeutic oxygen in clinical applications, especially wound management.

We are very honored to announce Jayesh B. Shah, MD as our new President of the Executive Board for the ACHM, who has over 18 years of experience in wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Congratulations, Dr, Shah!

We also want to welcome the rest of our Board of Directors for the ACHM. The following is a full list of our Board for 2017:

Executive Board
Jayesh B. Shah, MD
Arti Masturzo, MD
Tyler Sexton, MD

Board of Directors (Voting)
Jeff Niezgoda, MD
Helen Gelly, MD
Keyur Patel, MD
Julio Garcia, MD
Tomas Serena, MD
Thomas Bozzutto, MD
George Wolf, MD
Keith Knight, CHWS

Ex Officio Board Members (Non-Voting)
Chris Grant, CHWS
Cuauhtémoc Sánchez, MD
Steve Kavros, DPM President / APWCA
Greg Bohn, MD, President / ABWH

Again, congratulations and welcome to these individuals who are helping to lead the way in wound therapy and hyperbaric medicine! We wish the entire Board of Directors, as well as all of the valued members of the ACHM, our very best in the new year.

The American College of Hyperbaric Medicine

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