ICD-10 Updates

CMS has published the newest additions to the NCD 20.29 list of covered indications. These are mainly for DFU , so non-pressure ulcer of whatever level WITHOUT necrosis, which was a coding issue.

Update policy effective 4/3/17, section C, non-coverage of topical oxygen, is removed from NCD20.29, HBO, to allow MAC discretion. See CR10220. NOTE: CR10220 does not impact existing edits in NCD20.29.                    

Add non-pressure chronic ulcer ICD-10 dx effective 10/1/17 to Group 2: (MCS021L, FISS 59087-59092) (there are no ‘7’ series codes)

L97.115, L97.116, L97.118
L97.125. L97.126, L97.128
L97.215, L97.216, L97.218
L97.225, L97.226, L97.228
L97.315, L97.316, L97.318
L97.325, L97.326, L97.328
L97.415, L97.416, L97.418
L97.425, L97.426, L97.428
L97.515, L97.516, L97.518
L97.525, L97.526, L97.528
L97.815, L97.816, L97.818
L97.825, L97.826, L97.828
Delete ICD-10 dx L97.911, L97.912, L97.913, L97.914, L97.921, L97.922, L97.923, L97.924 effective 9/30/17.


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