Focus on Quality Metrics – MIPS

Every physician is required to submit performance data under Merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS). Payments are adjusted based on participation results.

MIPS requires submission of data in (4) categories:

1. Advancing care information(ACI).
a. Security Risk Assessment of EHR.
b. e-Prescription.
c. Timely Access – Providing access to medical record data via the Patient Portal.
d. Send Summary of Care.
e. Request or Accept Summary of care.

2. Quality.
a. HgbA1c for Diabetics.
b. Tobacco Use.
c. Falls risk and plan.
d. Pain management plan.
e. Pneumonia vaccination status.
f. Provider Medication Reconciliation.
g. BMI Screening and Plan.
h. Diabetes foot exam.
i.. Use of high-risk medications in the elderly.
j. Controlling high blood pressure.

3. Improvement activities.
a. Adopt a formal model for quality improvement.
b. Measure and improve a quality of care.
c. Implementation of a falls screening and assessment program.

4. Cost.
This does not require any submission from physicians but is going to be calculated by Medicare based on submitted claims.

It is important that every member of ACHM starts focusing on quality metrics. If you are not part of the qualified registry, please contact us. ACHM is working with US Wound Registry to provide each one of you member-only rates.


Dr. Jayesh B. Shah
President, AAPI


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