First Wound Care CME at Texas Medical Association

Presented by the TexMed 2018 Planning Team and the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine under the direction of Jayesh Shah, MD, San Antonio
Saturday, May 19, 2018, Level 2, Cibolo Ballroom 4

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:
(1) identify ways to decrease the risk of pressure ulcer litigation by addressing the most common risk factors such as poor nutrition, pressure and vascular supply, along with documentation of risk factors;
(2) identify methods to prevent lower extremity amputation and surgical dehiscence such as early nutritional intervention;
(3) review the management of diabetic foot ulcers by the primary care physician;
(4) identify unusual wounds using key features of their appearance and presentation;
(5) identify wounds due to spider envenomation; and
(6) discuss ethical issues in the management of elderly patients with wounds and poor nutrition.

Target Audience: Physicians, residents, and other healthcare professionals in all areas of practice

2:30 PM: Welcome and Introductions
2:30 PM: Wound Care Jeopardy: What the Heck Is That THING?
3:00 PM: Preventing Lower Extremity Amputation: Diabetic Foot Ulcers
3:30 PM: Nutrition’s Role In Preventing Surgical Wound Dehiscence
4:00 PM: Pressure Injuries Litigation in Texas & Mitigating Your Risk
4:30 PM: Ethical Issues of Taking Care of Elderly Patients

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