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In addition to clinical membership, the ACHM welcomes the support and participation of corporations, associations, health care facilities, and professional society partners. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and Gold levels of Corporate Sponsorship are available. The ACHM also endorses Facility and Professional Partnerships.

To initiate an ACHM Sponsorship, please download the ACHM Corporate Support Document. Completed forms can be emailed to admin@achm.org

Corporate Sponsors


Serena Group is a global health care management and research organization focused on the care of patients with acute and chronic wounds. Their commitment to patient-centered care and dedication to clinical research in wound care and hyperbaric medicine forms an essential framework for their center-of-excellence model. They have conducted over 100 clinical trials on growth factors, gene therapy, bio-engineered skin products and novel pharmaceuticals.


Healogics is the expert in wound healing driving wound science forward by developing successful wound healing treatment and prevention techniques. Wound Care Centers® across the country work tirelessly to heal more wounds and change more lives than ever before.


Sechrist Industries has developed and manufactured hyperbaric chambers for over 35 years. Using a state-of-the-art facility, Sechrist monitors and tracks every step of the hyperbaric chamber manufacturing and design process. Sechrist has designed and shipped hyperbaric chambers to over 100 countries and will continue to fund hyperbaric therapy research for years to come.


Shared Health Services is a wound care company who contracts with hospitals to help them open and manage successful outpatient wound care and hyperbaric oxygen centers. The mission of our Centers of Excellence is to heal chronic wounds, improve patient outcomes, help prevent limb loss and provide a profitable service for our contracted hospitals.



Tekna Manufacturing, LLC is a family owned and operated medical device company. Tekna was established in 1989 to design and manufacture technically superior FDA 510 (K) cleared pressure vessels for human occupancy. We combine an innovative design approach with state-of-the-art engineering and fabrication facilities to produce the safest, most cost effective and comfortable chambers. We offer a host of chambers including but not limited to, HBOT for human, animal and research applications, hyperbaric training systems, hyperbaric lifeboats, and hyperbaric systems for earth pressure balance tunnel boring machines. We offer Monoplace, Multiplace, modular, stationary, and mobile HBOT systems.



Sea Long Medical Systems, Inc is the original manufacturer of Hyperbaric Oxygen Hood Tents. As a world leader, we provide an excellent selection of quality products that meet or exceed customer requirements. We take pride offering second to none customer support and service and value our customer relationships.



RxOS Medical is a medical device company incorporated in 2014, focused on the delivery of its unique technology directly to the consumer and professional wound care market. The RxOS Medical’s patented “oxygen free radicals binding technology”™ incorporates highly effective reactive oxygen species (ROS) scavengers into a polymer structure where the active ingredient neutralizes oxygen radicals. In excess, ROS can have deleterious effects such as prolonged inflammation, increased pain and delayed healing. The RxOS formulation provides a moist wound environment to enhance cellular processes.



At Arobella Medical , we improve people’s lives by advancing the frontiers of medical technology. Arobella Medical, LLC is very proud to announce continued advancement and growth in bringing the Qoustic Wound Therapy System® as the standard of care in the wound care arena.



WebCME is the leader in online training for hyperbaric and wound care professionals. Our online course, Hyperbaric Medicine: Principles & Practice, 2nd Edition, is a comprehensive, introductory training course for physicians, nurses and technicians. Expert faculty deliver rich content through a multimedia experience in the comfort of your home or office.



AZH is an innovative company founded on the core belief that the current practice of hyperbaric and wound care lacks outcome based quality markers and is cost inefficient due to overutilization. AZH has developed a disruptive model for the delivery of wound care and hyperbaric services. Independent Centers using Collaborative Care Models decrease costs by implementing evidence based case management protocols to optimize the management of hyperbaric & wound care patients.




Professional Partners


The American Professional Wound Care Association is a non-profit medical association welcoming ALL medical providers involved in prevention, treatment and pain management of all forms of non-healing wounds. It provides an informational and educational forum for health care providers, while promoting excellence in wound care and patient advocacy.



The American Board of Wound Healing serves to maintain and improve the quality of wound management by evaluating professional, clinical and educational standards of practice by using an examination process which is designed to assess the medical knowledge, judgment, professionalism and clinical skills required to provide quality patient care in the fields of Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine. The intent of the initial certification and the maintenance of certification of wound management specialists in the United States and internationally is to provide assurance to the public that a clinician who has been granted a Certificate of Added Qualification has demonstrated high levels of clinical competence.



The founders of Caribbean Hyperbaric Medicine (CHM) have years cumulative experience in the field of Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine. Our exclusive objective is to deliver the most comprehensive and focused hyperbaric industry training available today. CHM provides Board approved training courses. CHM also provides Hypebaric Chambers to locations mainly in the Caribbean for longterm partnerships and recently completed an new install in St George’s , Grenada West Indies with SAMS Grenada. CHM made history by making this over 10 year dream of Grenada to support the Dive Industry and Local population with the Diabetic foot injuries/amputations rates a reality with a beautiful new 6 ATA Multiplace chamber.



St. Augustine ’s Medical Services Inc, (SAMS) is a Private Medical Hospital, designed as an Inpatient center for Medical, Surgical, Maternity and Emergency Admissions. Established in 1998, St. Augustine’s Medical Services offers comprehensive care in over 16 areas of clinical Services. Our 12 beds allow us to offer a high level of personalized and individual care to visitors and locals alike. We have recently Partnered with Caribbean Hyperbaric Medicine to provide a state of the art 6 ATA Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber to support the local population and Local Dive Industry.