Jeffrey Niezgoda, 2015 Founder’s Award Recipient 2016-12-07T17:30:35+00:00

The Sharon Baranoski Founder’s Award is given annually at the Clinical Symposium on Advances in Skin & Wound Care. It honors the overall pursuit of excellence in the field of skin and wound care and is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from 3M Health Care.

Jeffrey Niezgoda, 2015 Founder’s Award Recipient

While there are many who contribute significantly in the wound care field today, there may not be many individuals who have contributed so much for so long as Dr. Niezgoda.

Dr. Niezgoda has been a key opinion-thought leader, and pioneer in wound care for many years. His efforts to improve delivery and quality of care are exemplified in his efforts to publish his work, educate clinicians and offering live wound care educational courses as well as developed online education professional programs.

His efforts inspire all of us to seek certification in wound care and hyperbaric medicine and in professional wound care organizations. These activities improve the quality of care provided and the professionalism found in the field of wound care.

Jeff has been an instrumental key opinion leader shaping wound care through leadership in organizations such as the APWCA and ACHM. He has been an active panel and faculty member for this Symposium for many years.
Jeff has been a pivotal supporter of professionalism and competency in Wound care and Hyperbaric Medicine. His work to establish the American Board of Wound Healing and The American College of Hyperbaric Medicine have become fundamental benchmarks in terms of his professionalism & dedication to the field of wound care.